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Heras Fencing

We all see temporary fencing used to screen major renovation work, site construction or even demolition. This screening is a brilliant opportunity for advertising, often on quite a grand scale.

The entire perimeter of a site, regardless of what is going on inside the area, can be an absolute magnet to attract an audience to local businesses, inform the public of current or future projects and, by potentially reducing the amount of dust coming from the site, reducing the possible annoyance of neighbours close to the site.

Anything can be printed on the Heras fencing banners. Any image, any colour and the possibility offered for such a massive exposure of the advertising is enormous.

Turning a ‘Heras Fencing’ boundary to a site into a ‘Heras Banner’ area also creates full obstruction of view and thereby privacy of the project until viewing is required.

Each Heras fence banner panel give seven square metres of advertising space.

Our Pricing:
1 off £95.00.
2-4 £90.00 each,
5-10 £85.00 each,
11-20 £75.00 each,
21-50 £69.00 and
51plus £65.00

each plus delivery and VAT